The city of Ravello is placed on a spur that divide the valley of Dragone from that of Reginna, from the highness of 350 meters overlook the city of Maiori and Minori. In the city of Ravello, thanks to a play of ligth, space and atmospheric agent create a unique landscape. In the centre of the city there is the Duomo and at the right of this, a square tower will greet you into Villa Rufolo, an ancient building that was risen in the 3th century. In 1819 a famous painter William Turner come to visit Ravello and and painted the Amalfi Coast, today that paint is in the “London Tate Museum”.

Must Visit:

  • Rufolo’s Villa: A breath-taking villa built by the ancient and rich family of the Rufolo.
  • Villa Cimbrone: an amazing building full of flowers from which you can have a wonderful view of the sea.


Partly Sunny

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We took the Amalfi Coast tour with Peter and had a fabulous day. The views are spectacular our driver/guide was very good and informative. Amalfi Tours even arranged for a...